More brands should use social media campaigns to build search rank on hyper-competitive terms.

If you don’t know the search terms that are meaningful for your business, go find out. If you already know, go back to my first sentence and sleep on it. You’ll know what to do in the morning.

It’s a lot to ask a team to think in both real-time and long-term ways but you can get results if you schedule break out sessions every quarter or so to check in on progress against long-term goals. I recommend an offsite in a nice location so they feel like its more than another greet-and-beat from upper management.

You’ll want to prepare a list of questions ahead of time. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Is that Youtube video we made capturing views from natural search and related videos?
  • Did the last blogger campaign we did require bloggers to link to your website or did we have them link to Facebook like everybody else does?
  • Does our PR team have a list of phrases we’re trying to seed with links to our web properties?
  • Are we capturing UGC to supplement flagship branded content so we have a steady stream of interesting bite-size updates for easy sharing and preferred indexing?

I hope this gets you thinking. Stay curious.